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 Biodiesel from Algae 

Algae are some of the most robust organisms on earth, able to grow in a wide range of conditions.

Algae are usually found in damp places or bodies of water and thus are common in terrestrial as well as aquatic environments. However, terrestrial algae are usually rather inconspicuous and far more common in moist, tropical regions than dry ones, because algae lack vascular tissues and other adaptions to live on land. 

v            Algae are a large and successful group of organisms, which flourish in the sea, in fresh-water and in damp places on land.

v            Most algae contain green chlorophyll, and can produce foods, such as sugars, from the sun.

v            Algae have been classified in a separate kingdom called Protista.

v            They are the base of the aquatic food chain.

v            Algae growth is a natural occurrence in all water bodies.

v            Algae thrives on hot weather when it reproduces more

rapidly. It is stimulated by nutrients. 



Biodiesel Reports from Algae:

A)     Basic Information Report on Biodiesel from Algae

Contents of Algae Report

1.     Algae Introduction & Advantages.

2.     Algae Requirements & Plantation Process.

3.     Algae Biodiesel – an option for energy.

4.     Benefits – worldwide and India.

5.     Manufacturing Process & key Benefits.

6.     Key Reactions.

7.     Specifications.

8.     Financial Projections.

a.      Basis of Investments

b.      Projected Profitability Statement

c.       Projected Balance Sheet Statement

d.      Funds Flow Statement

e.      Schedule Working Capital

f.        Depreciation Statement

g.      Basis of Sales

h.      Basis of Raw Material


B)      Get a tailor-made Techno-Economic Feasibility Report on Biodiesel from Algae.



 Project Report Available

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