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Alcohol through corn, maize, Grain, starch etc.  

In India production of alcohol apart from molasses & sugarcane route the non-molasses route like maize, starch, corn grain, sweet sorghum, tapioca, sugar beet are also equally getting importance as the climatic conditions for such type of agricultural crops suits in India. It is a right time for the central government through ministry of agriculture to encourage and assist state governments to introduce a policy of using only grain-based alcohol for potable purpose. Molasses based alcohol may be used for industrial use as well as fuel blending.  

Process through maize / corn / starch route for manufacturing alcohol


Corn /Maize/Starch Wet Milling Process Flow Chart Coming Soon*



In Indian conditions the existing starch manufacturing units can produce alcohol as one of the by-product to make the project more feasible.

Process through Sweet Sorghum route for manufacturing alcohol




Sweet sorghum is rich in stalk sucrose & sugars which resemble exactly sugarcane for its juicy stalk as has an advantage over sugarcane for alcohol production. The sugarcane stalks has a great potential to produce alcohol. 

In comparison with sugarcane as the sugarcane molasses rates have become highly sensitive varying from Rs.3000 per tons to Rs. 7000 per tons. Ultimately resulting in a instability in the price of alcohol.  This condition make sweet sorghum to ethanol not only competitive with the sugarcane route, but also can act as a supplementary. 

Experts in the opinion that the average cost of ethanol production from sweet sorghum is around Rs. 13.25 per liter which makes it a most feasible raw material for production of ethanol in an entire year as minimum two crops could be taken in one year.   

On above facts Business Brains Consultancy have prepared a detail project report on feed stocks  sweet sorghum to produce ethanol and Extra Neutral Alcohol .

To purchase the reports mail your enquiries to 


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