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Excess Sugar Cane ! Ethanol is the Solution –

India’s prime sugarcane producing state Maharashtra is currently facing the problem of excess cane. It is said that there is a question of about 20 Lac tonns of sugar cane.

My personal view is let the molasses produced be stored for future conversions. But the current sugarcane can be crushed & the juice can be utilized for making SDS or ethanol. The state government (Excise Department) should give permissions to the ethanol manufacturers (dehydration plants) on priority to convert the molasses to ethanol . This is the first step the government can do. This could lead to utilize existing molasses & convert it to ethanol & sell it to oil corporations. A free movement of molasses can stabilize the prices. Exports of molasses from the state will create more problems later and also will hamper the ethanol program in Maharashtra.

Secondly, 1 tonn of sugarcane produce 72 to 75 liters of alcohol (94.68%) which means for 20 lac tons, at least 15 crore liters of hydrous alcohol can be produced or 14.25 crore liters of ethanol can be produced. As Rs. 3/- is conversion cost to produce 94.68% alcohol and further Rs. 2/- to 99.9% ethanol ; at total conversion cost of Rs. 5 /- a sugar factory can surely afford give at least Rs. 1100/- as cane price to the farmers.

The state as well as central Government, Ministry of Agriculture has to react fast on this. Those companies (Dehydration Plants) who have ethanol tenders in their hands, should be given permissions to utilize the molasses.

* Article from Asia’s highest rated web portal on ethanol


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