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Wax injection machines, investment casting machines -turn key projects
Clean Fuels Hawaii: promoting ethanol use in Hawaii
Energy Technology - Aandelen beleggen uitgifte Energie – invest in Fusion Energy Technology with breakthrough potential

International Biofuels Portal:one stop shop for biodiesel industry, aimed to create better awareness of biodiesel benefits and to speed up the formation of regional interest groups worldwide.

DISTILL.COM: The Online Distillery Network for Distilleries and Fuel Ethanol Plants Worldwide.

The Alternative Fuel Vehicle Group: is your source for news and information on the rapid advances in natural gas, biofuel, battery-electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles. Learn more about our print newsletters, Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Progress and AltFuels Advisor, books, and online resources including Email News Alerts, searchable news archive, industry reports and more.

NIROINC:   Niro supplies spray dryers, homogenizers, fluid bed drying, freeze dryers, evaporators, fluid bed processors, tablet presses, distillation plants, membrane filtration plants, evaporation, dryer systems,crystallizers, and powder handling and packaging systems.

GEAFILTRATION:  Membrane filtration systems like cross flow, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration are supplied by GEA Filtration to pharmaceutical, biological, food, dairy and chemical industries.

BARR-ROSIN:   Supplying ring,flash dryers and thermal processing systems to dry granules, cakes, powders, sludges, slurries and solutions.

OTHER POWER: Devoted to alternative energy, including solar, wind, water, internal combustion, efficient lighting and energy conservation.

 Electric & Diesel Generators
Description: Portable, standby, stationary diesel and propane electric power generators for   home,industrial, RV, commercial, mobile and marine use.

KIRLOSKARS: A Leading Group pioneers in our areas of specialization like power, construction and mining, agriculture, industry and transport, oil and gas and environment protection with a range of world-class industrial products like Diesel Engines Diesel Generator and various Centrifugal Pumps and turnkey services.

British Association for BioFuels & Oils - EU trade portal :Europe's leading trade portal and business resource guide offering company directory, importer database, supplier database, buy leads and webguide.

UGAmedia Publishing :Publisher of popular websites like,,, and more. We help you explore the web!




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